Friday, November 4, 2011

What is Fantabulous Uses?

My name is Kathleen and I wanted to create a blog to discuss unusual uses of common household items. My interest in this topic stems from brainstorming for alternative ways to organize my modest stockpile. My stockpile has slowly been growing over the last few months when I started couponing to help save money on groceries. After finding a great deal on my family's favorite soup, I wanted an effective and economical way to rotate through the cans. After looking through many websites, I discovered 2 things: 1) I still haven't found what I really want and 2) there are a lot of great ideas out there on alternative ways to use common household items. I thought this would be a great way to further my search for "the perfect can rotator" and see what great ideas I will come across along the way. I will probably tie in other subjects - organization, couponing, photography, genealogy, crafts, and home repair are just a few that come to mind right now. I will be happy to take suggestions for topics. I'm excited to see what becomes of this project!

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