Friday, November 4, 2011


That Drawerful of Socks

I find it difficult to throw away socks (and t-shirts for that matter - but that is another topic for another day) that are past their prime. Surely, I can get one more use out of them or the dryer will relinquish their mate one day, right? Well, sometimes it's time to purge the drawer from the fuzzless, holey, faded socks to make room for the new. I know I can't be the only one that thinks that there can be one last hoorah for these pending retirement socks. Socks in their essence are just a piece of fabric that have a high absorbency, depending on the material. Keep in mind that once they hit the retirement bin that they can be cut, sewn, dyed, and accessorized to anything you can imagine! Here are some of the uses I have found to help recycle those beloved socks:
  • Animals
    • Cat Toy - Stuff with Catnip and sew open-end closed. Your cat will love you!
    • Dog Sweaters - for the mini-breed dogs
    • Dog Toy - Tie/braid/knot together and play tug-of-war!
    • Pet Beds - Provides a soft place for your pet to lay down.
  • Baby - let me count the ways...
    • Baby Leggings
    • Baby Legwarmers - Protect your crawler's clothing from wearing out at the knees.
    • Bath Mitts - A wonderful washcloth that doesn't fall off your hands!
    • Seat Belt Cushion - Wrap around a seat belt to keep it from digging into your child's neck (can also be used for adults).
    • Spit-up Rags - Soft, absorbent, and washable!
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • Craft Organizer - keep the small stuff in one place
  • Doll Clothes - 
    • Doll Accessory Organizer - Keep little parts in one place.
    • Doll Sleeping Bags - Kids can decorate to make custom doll sleeping bags
  • Drafty Doors
  • Drink Insulators - Keep 'em cold or keep yourself from getting burned!
  • Dry skin - Coat your hands in your lotion/cream/ointment of choice and put socks on over your hands. Sleep through the night without getting goo all over your sheets. Much less confining than cotton gloves
  • Dust rags - Spray with furniture/dusting spray, stick your hand in and wipe down your furniture! Great way to put the kids to work!
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Flower Socks 
  • Grass Sock Pet 
  • Ice Packs - fill with ice and tie closed
  • Hair - Sock Bun or Sock Bun
  • Hot Compress/Hand Warmer - fill with rice, tie closed and microwave. Careful! Don't get too hot!
  • Ladder Boots - put over the top ends of an extension ladder to keep from scratching your walls
  • Piggy Bank/Laundry Room Change Purse - loose change now has a home!
  • Packing - whether it be Christmas ornaments or moving day, use to cushion your breakables!
  • Plastic Bag Holder - Hang upside down in the pantry to recycle your plastic grocery bags
  • Polisher - shoes, silver - if it calls for a soft cloth to polish, you've found your rag
  • Potholders - great kids project
  • Quilts/Blankets
  • Rags - Cut lengthwise and you now have an old rag.
  • Rugs - make a sock rug!
  • Sachets - Make a mini-pillow stuffed with your favorite dried flowers/potpourri to scent your drawers
  • Shoe Protectors - Put over your shoes while painting.
  • Sleeves - Push toe-less socks up your arms to keep your sleeves out of the way in the kitchen 
  • Sock Monkeys
  • Soap - Put in the old slivers and suds away!
  • Stress Ball - Roll into a ball and squeeze!
  • Tennis Ball Massager
  • Tree/Plant Ties - Keep your plant upright by tying your sock from the plant to a stake. (also can use old pantyhose)
  • Toy Organizer - Marbles, tennis balls, small parts, etc
  • Wash Mitt for the Car - 
  • Whiteboard Eraser
  • Wrist Rests 
  • Wood Stain - use to apply wood stain (can also use a paper towel)
Now what ideas am I forgetting... Your turn! Comment Away...


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