Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paper Towel / Toilet Paper Rolls

     Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls seem like such a waste of good cardboard when you come to the end of the roll. Most people toss them easily into the trash can or recycled in the best case scenario. To me, they either scream home organization opportunity or a kid's project when I think outside the box. The first other use I ran across that I was, like, "duh!" was the Cable Organizer. I can't tell you how many random cords are in a pile, bag, or box somewhere waiting to be organized in my house. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls can easily be organized into a box and the cords placed in each compartment. Every time I go looking for one, it is a miracle I find what I want. And the flip-side to the cable organizer is the Christmas/holiday light wrap. The idea via the link actually uses a shoe box, but threading the start of the light strand through the toilet paper roll, then wrapping the lights around the outside and ending the wrap by inserting the electrical plugs into each other to secure the lights is a great way to keep strands from tangling into each other. 

    Craft use is unbelievable. Shorter tubes work great for small project sewing storage, such as cross-stitching and embroidery, and longer tubes work great to store wrapping paper and larger fabric pieces. I think these should be a staple in anyone's craft supplies - look below for the assortment of kid and home projects that are available.
     Gardening is yet another place these tubes come in handy. They can be used to protect your trees from being rubbed by support wires. They also serve as great seedling starter pots. Spread some peanut butter and bird seed on one and you have a great little Bird Feeder. If creative isn't your thing, you can just cut them up and place in your compost pile to turn them into mulch. It's a great way to recycle!

      If brown is not the color you want showing on your creative project, the tubes can always be covered either with pretty wrapping paper or a light coating of spray paint.

     Don't forget about wrapping paper tubes! Christmas is fast approaching and instead of tossing the wrapping paper tubes, you can use these for your longer tube needs. 

Seedling Starter
 Home Decor

Wall Hangings
Home Storage
Cable Organizer
Wrapping Paper Holder
Hamster Toy

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