Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffee Filters

     I've never thought outside of the box when it comes to coffee filters prior to this. It actually surprised me how many different ways coffee filters can be used. Think about it: they aren't quite as soft as a tissue; they hold up like a paper towel, minus the extra absorption. They are porous, lint-free and microwavable. 
     The lint-free aspect makes them great for cleaning glass. They can be used to clean electrical contacts (while unplugged :) ). Need a flash diffuser for your camera? Use a coffee filter!  
     The other uses in the kitchen are great. They make wonderful little disposable bowls for snacks like popcorn, chips or pretzels. In place of paper towels, they can be used to absorb grease after frying foods. Use them as food wraps for hot dogs and tacos to keep the yummy-goodness from escaping out the back.
     They can be used as a cover to prevent splattering in the microwave. Place them between pots and plates to prevent scratching during storage and between plates as packing material when moving. Moisture a problem? They can be placed in cast-iron to absorb moisture to help prevent rusting. They can also be placed with cut fruit to absorb moisture.
      Don't want to get the strainer out? Use to strain seeds/pulp from lemon/lime juice. This same principle can be used to strain wine if your cork breaks and making your own tea bags. They can also be in making soups to keep inedible pieces in one place for easy removal.  
      In the bathroom, they can be applied to nicks from shaving. Girls! Use them as oil/sweat absorbers for your face when you are working out.
     Similar to a sock other use, fill them with potpourri as a sachet for your drawers. They can also be filled with baking soda and placed in shoes to act as an odor absorber. They can also be used to apply shoe polish.
      Place them in the bottom of your potted plants to keep soil from escaping after watering. Projecting? Use them as a bowl to help keep screws/small pieces from escaping.
     Don't forget about the crafts! Dip in colored water, let dry, then cut to shape to create faux flowers or rainbow butterflies. They can also be used as scrapbooking backgrounds. Cut into a snowflake shapes to decorate in winter. They can also be used as backing for sewing projects.

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